Hillsborough Street Roundabouts

March 16, 2010, 2:10 pm
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Look up over the next two weeks and watch the utility poles and lines continue to come down along Hillsborough Street!!  In addition, utility construction on the south side of the street is nearly completed and crews are hard at work on the north side of Hillsborough Street.  

During the weeks of March 15 to March 28, construction crews will be conducting the following activities:

  • Continued work on the Oberlin/Pullen and Hillsborough/Pullen roundabouts (March 15-19);
  • Laying of roof drains for businesses between Chamberlain and Horne Streets (2400 block; March 15-17)
  • Prep work for sidewalk construction on the south side of Hillsborough Street from Cox Avenue to Oberlin Road (1800 block; March 16-18);
  • Laying of conduit system to complete utility upgrades from Horne Street to Pogue Street (2500 block);
  • Final stages of installation of  brick sidewalk pavers, paving and street lights on the south side of Hillsborough Street from Horne Street to Gardner Street (2500-2600 blocks);
  • Prep work for sidewalk construction, installation of curb and gutter, and brick sidewalk pavers on the north side of Hillsborough Street from Logan Court to Horne Street (2300 & 2400 blocks);
  • Work to complete water and sewer service updates from Horne Street to Pogue Street (2500 block);
  • Prep work and removal of decommissioned overhead utility lines and poles along Hillsborough Street by Progress Energy; and
  • Grading and preparation of various sites for future construction activities.

Vehicles: Minor traffic delays on Hillsborough Street are expected between Logan Court and Horne Street, with limited periods one-lane operations.

Temporary traffic delays at the intersection of Hillsborough Street and Pullen Road at times due to the movement of equipment for the island construction.

Horne and Lampe Street have been reopened to traffic.

The Oberlin Road parking lot for Locopops, Player’s Retreat and Sam & Bill’s remains open for customers.  Hillsborough Street (westbound) and Oberlin Road access (northbound) to BB&T remains open as well.

Limited on-street parking is available now on Hillsborough Street.  When traffic is shifted completely to the south side over the next two weeks, on-street parking will begin to become available on the south side of the street.

Pedestrians: Crosswalks and campus entrances remain open at Horne and Lampe Streets and at Gardner Street  in the busiest construction area. Numerous crosswalks are in place elsewhere along the street.

The sidewalks along the south side of Hillsborough Street beside NC State will be completed by the end of March.

Sidewalks on the north side of Hillsborough Street from Logan Court to Enterprise Street are closed due to construction activity. Pedestrian can use the completed sidewalks on the south side of Hillsborough Street in the area.

Sidewalks on the north side of Hillsborough Street from Jimmy Johns to Horne Street remain open but have been narrowed as crews work to demolish existing curb and gutter.  This narrowing will move west along the street as crews continue the work towards Garner Street.

The Raleigh Rocks Half-Marathon and 5K will be taking place Saturday, March 27.  Hillsborough Street (NC State Fairgrounds to the Capitol Building) will be closed to vehicle traffic from early Saturday morning until approximately 2:00 pm.  For more information, go to http://www.ncraces.com/index.php?pr=Raleigh%20Rocks%20Half%20Marathon

See the previously posted project newsletter for details on our project progress, roundabout traffic patterns, and measures the construction crews will take to keep the sidewalks and doorways open when construction moves to the north side of the street.

Hillsborough Street businesses remain open for business. Please patronize your local businesses as we work to build the community’s new vision for Hillsborough Street.


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