Hillsborough Street Roundabouts

Latest News on Bike Provisions for Hillsborough Street by NCSITE_Todd
January 28, 2010, 12:53 pm
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From Bob Geary at IndyBlogs:
Hillsborough Street bike lanes are looking good. (!)

“The City Council’s public works committee held its long-awaited meeting on the issue last night. The verdict, by unanimous decision: There should be bike lanes on all of Hillsborough Street from downtown to the Fairgrounds. No exception for the Hillsborough Street Project (Phase 1, remember) in front of N.C. State…

“The only hitch in this giddyup may come from the state Department of Transportation… DOT’s not a fan, city staffers report, of segmenting the two travel lanes … into a 10′ vehicle section, a 4′ bike-lane section and 2′ to protect the bikes from “dooring” …

“If DOT goes along, the bike lanes will be striped as soon as the construction work is done — sometime this summer, in other words.”

From the Raleigh Public Record blog:
Hillsborough Street bike lanes move forward

“District B councilor John Odom said during the meeting that if the city can keep the project on schedule and on budget and still put in the bike lanes, than there was no reason not to do it.

“Bonner Gaylord, who represents District E, joked about the long process ahead to approve the bike lanes: ‘We’re doing it as fast as bureaucratically possible…Essentially we’re charting a course.’”

From NewRaleigh.com blog:
Hillsborough Street Bike Lanes on Public Works Agenda Tuesday

“…[a local group of bikers] put together a short presentation of their proposal for Hillsborough Street. It is illustrated below in the image gallery but on Fayetteville Street in Downtown Raleigh because it was not possible to do so on Hillsborough Street currently b/c of the construction.”

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